For a better explanation and understanding of STAX projects, the rewriting of the roadmap takes a little time and will be done with a visual.
in order to inform you about the projects of STAX and until I give you more information with more details and explanations With the roadmap, I am writing the main lines below.
have foreseen the implementation of the projects for 2018 – 2019.

technological level:

1- Update of the core and implementation of automatic wallet updates.
2- implementation of a firewall.
3- activation of segwit.
4- Implementation of advertisements in the wallet to generate revenue.
5- use of the STAX blockchain in the field of transport and logistics.
6- Intelligent contracts: rent of a small percentage of the power of your computer to make calculations in different fields (research, company, laboratory, etc.).
What makes a super calculator on the model of the SETI program.
of course you will be rewarding for the director work.
you are free to enable or disable this option.
a minimum of STAX will be required to enable this function.
7- creation of masternodes.

Communication level:

1- register STAX on other exchanges
2 – finalization of the official website with the setting up of a personal forum.
3- the study the creation of a platform of exchange with STAX but also other currencies.
5- creation of payment modules with STAX for different CMS of online sales.
example: prestashop, Magento, Woocommerce etc …

We are constantly reviewing all those that will improve and evolve STAX and thus become an indispensable and future currency.

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Staxcoin source github
Scrypt PoW / PoS
Coin name = Staxcoin
Coin abbreviation = STAX
Address letter = x
Block reward = 5
Total coin supply = 43500000
Coinbase maturity = 20 blocks
Number of confirmations = 20
Last PoW Block = 520000
PoS interest% per year = 5%
Minimum wedge age = 12h
RPC port = 9518
P2P port = 9517


Mining pool

Fees 1.0%